Your Words Shape Your Life | Pastor William Bedsole

You are what you say.  Many times we hear the statement, “You are what you eat.”  But there is a spiritual parallel to that statement as well.  “You are what you say.”  What are we talking about?  We’re discussing the importance of words.  Not just what someone else says but what we say ourselves.  Spiritually speaking it is very important what we eat~to have a diet of the Word of God.  But just as important as feeding upon God’s Word, we must have His Word in our mouth as well as in our heart.  

God made known this truth to Joshua in the beginning of his ministry.  He told him in Joshua 1:8, “This book of the Law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein; for then thou shall make thy way prosperous and have good success.”  The Lord gave Joshua specific  directions.  If he would keep the Law in his mouth and heart and obeyed it, he would be successful.  It was up to Joshua whether he succeeded or not; determined all by his obedience to His commands.

In our lives today, we can have success in all realms of life.  God is not just interested in the spiritual life of people, but also healing of their bodies, soundness of their souls (mind, will and emotions) and the provision for their daily life.  But its entirely up to us in how much He can help us.  If we obey His instructions, we too can become strong in the Lord and do exploits.  It’s a decision based on what we do with God’s Word.

If you talk to most people, they will say they have a Bible.  Yet most Christians allow their Bibles to remain unopened, sitting on their coffee tables collecting dust.  The power of God’s Word is displayed when we open it up, believe it, and act upon it.  It’s only the doers of the Word that will be blessed and receive the benefit.  Part of acting on the Word of God is simply agreeing with Him and saying what He says about every situation.

Confession simply means saying the same thing.  Jesus is called in Hebrews 3:1 “the Apostle and High Priest of our confession.”  We need to understand the importance of confessing God’s Word and what happens when we do, not just talking about the problem.  Jesus said in Mark 11:23 that we will have whatsoever we say when we believe it, act upon it and confess it.

Many people scoff at the fact of confessing the good things of God.  Yet they will turn around and tell you how sick they are, how things aren’t working out, and how tough things are.  They are a product of their own words.  So what do words do?  1.  They define us.  2.  They set the boundaries of our lives.  When people say, “I can’t.”what happens?  They can’t.    Their words imprison them because of their unbelief.  Realize this, you’ll never rise above your words.  Where we are in life is a result of our words.  In fact, we are where we are today because of the words we spoke yesterday and tomorrow will be a result of the words that we speak today.  Make the decision today, that you are going to speak words that line up with God’s Word, for then you’ll have good success in all the affairs of life.

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